Dublin Mixed Netball

Netball originated in England at the end of the Nineteenth Century as a Women’s version of Basketball. It got its name in Jamaica. It differs from Basketball in the lack of contact between players, and in the scoring – each basket counts as one goal rather than two points, and the ball must be passed into a zone around the goal where a designated player may make a shot.

It is played in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with Northern Ireland ranking as one of the World Powers in the sport. There is a League in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland and was once leagues in Cork and Limerick. Versions of the Sport include Fast Fives and Mixed 6-a-side Netball, with Independent Leagues in the latter in Dublin.

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Dublin 6-a-side Mixed Netball

Dublin Indoor Sports

DIS 6-a-side Mixed Netball (Overviews):

Dublin Indoor Sports Monday 6-a-side Mixed Netball 2014-2017

Dublin Indoor Sports Netball Tuesday Mixed 6-a-side Netball 2016

DIS 6-a-side Mixed Netball Monday (Seasons): Season 1 2017

Netball Dublin

Netball Dublin 6-a-side Mixed Netball (Overviews)

Netball Dublin Northside Competitive 2003-2008

Netball Dublin Southside Competitive 2004-2008

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